Spaces for people to thrive in.


Overview of Cryptorealty

Cryptorealty is a marketplace, which aims to promote the democratization of commercial spaces and services.

Today, majority of commercial spaces and services are developed and operated by large-scale developers and operators. There is a gulf between the developers and the users, whereby the true needs of the latter are not grasped by the developers and they assume the role of "passive consumers".

On the other hand, there are small-to-medium scale developers and operators, who are actively developing commercial spaces that are appealing and attractive to consumers. Yet, due to lack of capital and the competition from larger developers, they are struggling to expand their business and offerings.

This project aims to connect the users and developers by bridging the gulf between them and build "a unified community" which strives to collectively create and promote "the space" everyone wants.


Operators, Supporters, and Users cooperate in creating spaces and providing services.


Cryptorealty: Technical Explanation

Cryptorealty (CR) is composed of two layers: CR Service Layer and CR Decentralized Solution Layer.

CR Service Layer

■CR Crowdfunding Platform
Platform for selling usage rights
■CR Rental Platform
Platform for leasing and renting usage rights

CR Decentralized Solution Layer

■CR Decentralized Platform
Platform for processing transactions made in the CR Service Layer
■CR Plasma Chain
Blockchain dedicated to CR Service Layer
■CR Plasma Token
Token used for Proof of Stake for consensus
■CR Rights Token
Tokenized usage rights

Comparison: Now and After

Cryptorealty is a new fundraising method for small-to-medium developers and operators.

Supporters can directly support the future growth of their favorite projects listed on Cryptorealty.


Cryptorealty is made by Hiroki Kazato who leads change in the Japanese real estate industry and advisors
who are the front runners of the Japanese IT industry.


This project will be operated and develop by these partners.